Straight out of Inwood: ‘Legacy’ NYC pot dealers going legit — ‘We got that good work. The best of the best.

As teenagers growing up in upper Manhattan with the rumble of the elevated No. 1 train a constant backing track, Ernesto Castillo and Joel “Tellie” Collado had a choice: The straight and narrow, or the shadows.

They chose the shadows, and over the next nearly two decades built a black-market marijuana delivery service that operated in all five boroughs.

Now, with the state legalizing recreational marijuana with a policy emphasis on correcting the ills of the war on drugs, Castillo, 36, and Collado, 37, are moving out of those shadows and preparing to go totally legit and apply for a permit to run a legal dispensary.

“When you get locked up, first time out, you cop to five years probation,” Collado said. “But it’s five years of them trying to put you back in jail. They press and press and put you down.

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